Future of Finance : the vision of Amelkis

We use incredible applications in our daily lives. When it comes to our jobs, the picture is much more mixed.

How many years separate the autonomous car from our financial reporting applications? We have certainly managed to digitalize certain processes, but we are still far from having automated the most complex issues. But we need to accelerate. Finance departments need to make huge productivity gains and have much more powerful management tools.

At Amelkis, the best experts have been working for several years on all these topics.

In the short term, the priority is to offer all possible interactions between smartphones and desktop applications. Amelkis must become a real social network with its news feed, its community, its notifications, its real-time monitoring of the activity, … In 2020, Amelkis will allow the digitization of the annual report in XBRL format. The platform will integrate more and more strategic areas. In the longer term, AI will strengthen security, assist the user and automate more and more tasks.

Currently, there are more than 600 customers who use the Amelkis Cloud Platform daily :


Close your consolidated accounts quickly and efficiently. The Opera platform automates the collection of data and the reconciliation of intra-group accounts. It makes your data more reliable and reduces your risk of errors by supervising your data entry. You gain in productivity by eliminating time-consuming tasks. You also gain in agility thanks to the simulation functions and you promote collaboration and data sharing thanks to the Cloud.

Reporting & Budget

The Opera platform is extremely flexible and dynamic. It is perfectly adapted to the objectives of management reporting and budget preparation. It offers native integrated functions for monthly reporting, budget, forecast with a vision by cost-center, by BU…

Business Plan

Today, very few groups have succeeded in producing their consolidated financial forecasts in a secure and rapid manner. Opera allows financial departments to anticipate their cash flow performance in a much more precise way.


Amelkis XBRL is an independent platform compatible with all consolidation software. It allows you to quickly produce customized annual reports in Inline XBRL format. Amelkis XBRL integrates the ESEF taxonomy.


In most groups, the intra-group reconciliation process is not very automated. It mainly consists of email exchanges and Excel files. The level of detail is very low and analysis is difficult. Amelkis InterCompany is a platform for reconciliation in real time fully automated and digitalized.


Some groups make extensive use of lease contracts. Lease centralizes all these contracts in a Cloud platform. Lease allows the finance function to analyze the debt, management control to prepare budgets and the consolidator to calculate all its restatements (IFRS16, IAS17).

For SMEs and accounting firms, Amelkis is the reference.

More than 2000 groups are consolidated each year on the Opera platform. PWC, Mazars, KPMG, GFI, Eurazeo, Veepee, Daddy are among the users. In the long term, large groups could also be interested given the innovations announced.

Reliable solutions
Opera is unanimously recognized for its reliability and maturity.

Incredible flexibility
Opera allows the integration of all types of financial and non-financial reporting.

Regular innovations
Every 6 months, the platform integrates new functions.

A vast network of partners
More than 300 accounting firms use, advise and integrate solutions Amelkis.

Satisfied customers
« We are extremely satisfied. Amelkis Opera is an extremely intuitive and fluid software »
Bérengère De Barmon Consolidation Director at Eurazeo


Founded in 2004, Amelkis has become over the years a major publisher in the field of consolidation that participates every day to advance the platform. Amelkis is also a highly technological company able to impose itself in the current digital revolution.