Reporting and consolidation software for sustainability reporting

Découvrez les fonctionnalités indispensables pour les grandes organisations décentralisées

Zoom on the key features

Amelkis EPM is the benchmark application for consolidation, and now boasts 10 new features that are essential for rapid CSRD reporting.

A CSRD standard

A starter kit with over 1200 standard ESRS indicators

A full web interface

Full web interface for secure data collection from stakeholders

Collecting narrative data

Collect policies, objectives and results with an HTML editor for narrative data collection

Activate and desactivate indicators

Indicators activate and deactivate automatically according to materiality diagnosis

Threshold control

Enter comments to justify exceeding thresholds

Attached documents

Collect and view attachments by indicator

Comment on indicators

Comment on your indicators and chat with your contributors

Consult your definitions

Access the definition of each indicator at any time

Simultaneous access

Work with several people on the same collection document

Online questionnaire

Easily create online questionnaires (single/multiple choice, drop-down list...) and access a Power BI report

Power BI

Analyze all your indicators automatically with Power BI integrated into the EPM application

Updating indicators

Easily update your ESRS indicators

Optimum safety

Amelkis EPM is ISAE 3402 type 2 certified

All EPM functions at your disposal

All other native EPM consolidation functionalities (perimeter, rates, auditability, processing, reporting, etc.)

Why choose Amelkis EPM for CSRD reporting ?

Amelkis EPM is the only consolidation software to integrate native functionalities to facilitate the collection and analysis of ESRS indicators.

Automate your materiality diagnosis

Materiality analysis is a fundamental stage in the reporting process.

The regulator has stipulated 1200 standard indicators (ESRS). This diagnosis will enable you to define the indicators that will make up your final report. It must be updated every year. It requires a high level of expertise to be carried out quickly and to support the audit process. Amelkis EPM is the ideal application for rapidly carrying out this diagnosis. Its qualities will be highly appreciated by consulting firms and large organizations that need to federate numerous contributors.


Automate the collection of ESRS indicators

Once the materiality analysis has been carried out, you'll need to collect, analyze and consolidate the many indicators that flow directly from the materiality analysis.

They will be 2/3 narrative and 1/3 numerical. An appropriate reporting tool can considerably facilitate this work. Amelkis EPM integrates a dozen key functionalities in addition to its native consolidation functions, making it an ideal tool for CSRD reporting.


All the other EPM functions at your disposal

EPM offers you all the functions of a true consolidation software package.

A repository to define metadata

A perimeter to define the list of entry points (entities, sites, establishments...)

Conversion rate management to convert monetary data

Efficient access rights management

A consolidation module for automatic processing

Easy-to-use status generator

An Excel add-in for creating analysis reports

Disclosure Management and XBRL tagging

Once you've carried out your materiality analysis and collected your indicators, you can move on to writing your CSRD report.

Don’t worry, the format and organization of this report meet precise standards that guarantee the comparability of European companies. This standardization enables Amelkis to offer a packaged solution incorporating a report template, an incredibly efficient Disclosure Management solution and the support of experts available to respond to all your requests.

The Amelkis W365 Disclosure Management solution will enable you to produce your CSRD report without leaving Word.

Outsourcing tagging

XBRL tagging is the main technical difficulty in CSRD reporting.

Faced with this difficulty, you may be tempted to outsource. With Amelkis Filing, XBRL tagging can be carried out once the document has been completed, whatever its format.

If you decide to outsource, Amelkis guarantees availability, deadlines, quality and compliance. Discover the key features and services of Amelkis Filing.

A unique interface

Amelkis EPM is a state-of-the-art, full-web application. It will offer you the best performance, the best security and an incredible openness to your usual tools.

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