Focus on key features

Essential for producing and distributing the financial reports of European listed companies.

HTML conversion of Word and PDF documents

Easy creation and update of taxonomies

Automatic tagging of tables and HTML documents from the EOLNG and PomDoc platforms

Automatic macro-tagging of appendices

Compliance check for secure filing in each country

Why choosing Amelkis Filing ?

Amelkis Filing is the market leading solution to comply with the requirements ESEF (Single European Electronic Format) of annual financial reports.

A complete professional solution

The application Amelkis Filing allows you to apply the XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) tagging without changing the processes of your business, or the habits of your teams.

The tool facilitates the implementation of your taxonomy and tagging of your documents, whatever their format: PDF, Word, Indesign, HTML, EOL, PomDoc … This flexibility offers the issuer the opportunity to simplify access to financial information to investors, analysts and supervisory authorities.

Beyond the software, Amelkis offers a global outsourcing service XBRL attractive for issuers.

Recognized process quality

Amelkis Filing has obtained the XBRL International certification which guarantees the readability and quality of taxonomies and financial reports produced with the tool.

Moreover, the solution has been praised by several audit firms and communication agencies for its compliance and the quality of the integrated processes.

Block tagging as you've never seen it before

The software ESEF Amelkis Filing focuses on optimizing the search for texts for an automatic and reliable macro-tagging. To do this, the functional scope is wide and the possibilities are numerous:

Define searches based on numbering or phases

Automatically select the first value founded

Include or exclude start and end texts in the tagging

Tag one or more concepts from a search

Determine the exact starting point of the search

Search for subsequent tags from the start or end of the previous tag

Automatically exclude headers and footers from tagging

Tag documents with more than 100 pages in record time

Provide CAC with Excel support to validate the mapping

Proof of compliance

Macro tagging (or block tagging) of the notes to the consolidated financial statements is mandatory since January 1, 2022.

This macro-tagging consists of tagging information when it relates to items from the list of “tags” in the reference ESEF taxonomy. Block tagging works by zones: it consists in identifying and tagging, in the appendices, the text zones related to a note tag. And not the numbers!

The ESEF compliant software Amelkis Filing has an automatic tagging module working by character recognition. Once set up, the application tags documents in a few minutes.

A clear and modern interface

Amelkis Filing simplifies the production and tagging of XBRL documents.


Enter in the Amelkis universe

Beyond the ESEF software, Amelkis offers a full range of professional software for consolidation, management reporting, forecasting and extra-financial.

The ultra-modern, ultra-connected and ultra-powerful Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) application that meets all the challenges of enterprise performance management.

The web platform dedicated to intra-group reconciliations that improves the quality of accounting data at the entity level and reduces production times.

The software that simplifies the preparation of annual reports by making Word/Excel links easier, more reliable and more secure.

The simple and intuitive lease management application for a 360° view of contracts, better debt analysis and informed budget preparation.

Users have quickly adopted Amelkis Opera*, they saw a real interest, they were previously reporting on Excel. The data entry is secure, the operations are better managed, therefore more reliable. (* Opera is the previous version of Amelkis EPM)

Béatrice de Foucauld, Administrative and Financial Director at SAFO Group

When we import the accounting data into Opera, the solution automatically integrates the bundles in the right place. The integration of the consolidation data takes two days, compared to two weeks before !

Luc Nivinou, Head of management control and financing at LE SAINT group

We have saved about 30 minutes of reprocessing time per tax return. We now spend only one hour per company to identify anomalies and check revisions, compared to an hour and a half previously.

Christian Potiron, Head of consolidation at La Fidu Group

We have made the consolidation process more secure: the tool facilitates the tracing of operations for auditing purposes, and we can generate complex reports - on sub-baskets, for example - which is important for certain groups. The tool also simplifies the export of consolidated budget forecasts.

Laurent Auger, Expert accountant, founding partner of the firm FIPAR

With Amelkis Opera, we follow the consolidation process, things happen according to a very logical scenario.

Laurent Auger, Public accountant, founding partner at the accounting firm FIPAR

Amelkis Opera* is a very successful tool in terms of functionality that can integrate the reporting and forecasting. Amelkis Opera is also a very proven tool with many customer references in France. (* Opera is the previous version of Amelkis EPM)

Smarthys, Specialized consulting firm

We have a single solution to manage a large part of our financial activity. We have access, via the same interface, to the group's consolidated accounts, to the management of inter-company customer/supplier flows, as well as to the monitoring of the restatement of leasing. All the data is easily exploitable in the tool.

Anthony Jean, Associate Accounting Manager at SEAFRIGO Group

We save time when distributing income statements: everything is very easy to export with Opera*. Especially since the solution is compatible with the Office environment. This time saving is not negligible, when you know that we ensure the consolidation of more than 200 companies, which is done for 80% of them at the end of the year. The period is more than busy: a powerful tool is essential ! (* Opera is the previous version of Amelkis EPM)

Christian Potiron, Head of consolidation at La Fidu Group

Using this tool gives me more comfort about the accuracy of my consolidated statements and allows me to consolidate more quickly.

Xavier Rappaz, Financial Director at TELEVERBIER

We hooked up with Amelkis from the first exchanges. The solution Amelkis Opera * met our expectations in terms of simplicity and accessibility for non-specialists in the consolidation. The interface has immediately seduced us: we did not feel to make the consolidation so ergonomic tool. (* Opera is the previous version of Amelkis EPM)

Luc Nivinou, Head of management control and financing at the LE SAINT group

Everything is easier with Opera [...] even for someone who is not a consolidation specialist! [...] The logic of use and the intuitiveness are unstoppable!

Luc Nivinou, Head of management control and financing at the LE SAINT group

We found a real closeness with the editor: they answer our needs and questions with professionalism and precision.

Christian Potiron, Head of consolidation at La Fidu Group

Amelkis is a powerful, flexible and intuitive software. It makes consolidation accessible to all finance professionals.

Yann Volluz, Administrative and Financial Director at Logteam

Amelkis Opera* allows us to make reports and forecasts more fluid and efficient. The tool has been configured according to our needs to generate consolidated plates easily usable. (* Opera is the previous version of Amelkis EPM)

Béatrice de Foucauld, Administrative and Financial Director at SAFO Group

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