Financial statement consolidation : Simplify for a better control

Many companies still consider the consolidation of financial statements as a fastidious and/or time-consuming exercise. Due to a lack of resources, structuring or adapted software, the realization of consolidated accounts becomes a real crossroads... Whereas this exercise facilitates the management of financial performance.

My consolidation takes too long

Consolidation is often perceived as a complex and time-consuming task by financial teams. Collecting, processing, reconciling and reporting large volumes of data from different sources is tedious. Even for an experienced consolidator. In groups with several subsidiaries, it can take several weeks to consolidate all the financial statements.

I have a lack of skills or resources

Consolidation requires specific and relatively specialized skills. A good technical base is essential but not always sufficient: several years of experience are essential to acquire a good mastery of the exercise. The recruitment and training of consolidators remains a real challenge for companies and accounting firms.

My consolidation is not structured

Heterogeneity of practices within subsidiaries, multiplication of accounting tools, absence of a unified collection model, recurring data entry errors... consolidation can quickly become a nightmare if it is not properly managed. Gathering all the financial data in a given timeframe and in the same format remains a challenge for many companies, which struggle to structure their consolidation process.

I don't have a dedicated software

It is extremely complicated - if not impossible - to perform a proper consolidation with manual methods (Excel type). Consolidation is a legal obligation that requires a real rigor. Without dedicated software, it is difficult to meet the expected level of requirements... Unless you spend an enormous amount of time on it, and to the detriment of a good mastery of the closing cycle and of the analysis of financial data.


of groups internalize their consolidation process


use the consolidated accounts for management analysis


establish budgets or forward plans in a consolidated format


of groups prepare their consolidated accounts in accordance with IFRS standards

We have saved about 30 minutes of reprocessing time per tax return. We now spend only one hour per company to identify anomalies and check revisions, compared to an hour and a half previously.

Christian Potiron, Head of consolidation at La Fidu Group

Save time by automating your consolidation operations

The financial consolidation software Amelkis EPM offers consolidators advanced features to save time and efficiency.

One of the keys to this type of solution is its ability to automate certain operations. For example, the integration of financial data into pre-formatted packages, the reprocessing of entries or the detection of discrepancies.

We hooked up with Amelkis from the first exchanges. The solution Amelkis Opera * met our expectations in terms of simplicity and accessibility for non-specialists in the consolidation. The interface has immediately seduced us: we did not feel to make the consolidation so ergonomic tool. (* Opera is the previous version of Amelkis EPM)

Luc Nivinou, Head of management control and financing at the LE SAINT group

Rely on an expert in financial consolidation

Amelkis EPM has been designed for collaborative use, so that all persons in charge of the consolidation are able to easily understand the automatic processing and justify the variations.

Amelkis EPM contains, in its standard version, all the features necessary for a consolidator. Better yet, the solution is so ergonomic that it allows consolidators, even inexperienced, to develop a logical scenario of consolidation, step by step.

We have a single solution to manage a large part of our financial activity. We have access, via the same interface, to the group's consolidated accounts, to the management of inter-company customer/supplier flows, as well as to the monitoring of the restatement of leasing. All the data is easily exploitable in the tool.

Anthony Jean, Associate Accounting Manager at SEAFRIGO Group

Structure your consolidation process

Amelkis provides a suite of solutions tailored to all current issues of consolidation. EPM, filing in XBRL format, management of leases and leasing, intra-group reconciliations ... no theme is left behind in the software environment Amelkis. To better structure and manage your financial management.

Amelkis EPM

The high performance consolidation and reporting application

Amelkis Filing for XBRL

The modern tool for implementing XBRL without changing processes


The simple and intuitive solution for a 360° management of your contracts


The ideal intra-group reconciliation web platform

We save time when distributing income statements: everything is very easy to export with Opera*. Especially since the solution is compatible with the Office environment. This time saving is not negligible, when you know that we ensure the consolidation of more than 200 companies, which is done for 80% of them at the end of the year. The period is more than busy: a powerful tool is essential ! (* Opera is the previous version of Amelkis EPM)

Christian Potiron, Head of consolidation at La Fidu Group

Adopt a professional software that meets your needs

Amelkis EPM reduces manual efforts and time spent on consolidation operations. With its various modules and interconnections with other software published by Amelkis, it offers a single interface to control and master the entire accounting activity. The automated processing completely eliminates manual tasks and ensures the reliability and accuracy of data.

Your jobs

Consolidation is an extremely specialized job that requires different profiles depending on the type and size of the company or accounting firm.

In a company

Becoming a consolidator is sometimes a coincidence, sometimes a vocation: departure of a colleague, promotion, ambition...

As a management controller, you may have been confronted with this new challenge without being specifically trained for it.

To get started in consolidation, you need solid support, which you can find in particular with an experienced software publisher through its structuring software offers and its consulting capacity.

In an accounting firm

Consolidation is seasonal. In accounting firms, the beginning of the year is often very busy when it is necessary to produce the corporate and consolidated accounts of many clients in a short period of time.

To speed up consolidation and guarantee your clients a professional rendering of their financial statements, it is essential to rely on a powerful, complete and intuitive software.

Our assistance

You can count on Amelkis to accompany you in each of your challenges.


Need to develop your skills or update your knowledge? Discover the training courses led by our expert consultants in financial consolidation.

Consulting and assistance

Our expert consolidation consultants are at your service to help you optimize your financial processes.

Request a demo

An urgent need to facilitate financial consolidation ? Amelkis offers relevant and effective solutions to simplify your daily life.

Why choosing Amelkis?

Since 2004, Amelkis has accumulated a unique experience and expertise in the world of public accounting, auditing and software publishing.

A accumulated experience since 2004

Thanks to our 15 years of experience and the continuous enhancement of our solutions, we guarantee our customers the most innovative functionalities and the best practices in terms of performance management.

A recognized expertise in the sector

Since the creation of Amelkis, we have accompanied several hundred groups and firms of all sizes and all sectors of activity. The result is a unique expertise in France, recognized by specialists in the sector. Our many references are proof of this know-how.

A “client centric” approach

We rely on the biggest names in the world of finance and software publishing to develop high-performance solutions with innovative features that are always based on our clients' needs.

An exceptional proximity

Since the beginning, we have been driven by one ambition: to make performance management more accessible. We create a real proximity with our customers to provide them with support that meets their expectations and thus pursue our desire to facilitate enterprise performance management (EPM).

They trust us

They say it better than we do

Our customers are our best ambassadors.

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Client feedback : Groupe La Fidu

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