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Amelkis is the most dynamic publisher on the market

Located in downtown Paris, Amelkis is the publisher of the favourite consolidation software for chartered accountants and financial managements. In 2016, over 70 new groups and firms have chosen Opera. This dynamic is growing and becoming more international. Opera also strengthens in major consolidation firms such as PWC, BMA, KMPG, SYGNATURE


Amelkis developers are the most innovative

Amelkis relies on a team of highly skilled engineers who have known for ten years how to build major innovations. They are at the core of Amelkis' international growth strategy. They are the ones who meet the technical challenges imposed by increasingly wholesale and demanding customers. Through their expertise, Amelkis shows daily its unequalled dynamism.


Amelkis experts support you in your consolidation

Amelkis is more than just a software publisher. Every year, over 1,300 groups are consolidated on Opera. To ensure optimal support, Amelkis consultants travel thousands of kilometres and spend hundreds of hours on the telephone. Our consultants are among the best French consolidators. By using them you are sure to be able to close your consolidations as soon as possible.


A new reporting approach experiencing a great success

Over the past 10 years, Amelkis consultants have been at the forefront of the reporting development initiated in the major groups. Under the inspiring leadership of Amelkis, these new formats of monthly reporting, budget and forecast have gradually been disseminated in the ETI. These high value-added settings are now available as standard in the Opera solution. The Amelkis consultants therefore provide quick and reliable solutions.


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Our customers are our greatest asset. We strive to reach their goals every day.


Reporting, Budget, Business Plan. Our role is to offer you with the fastest and most relevant solution possible.


Opera is now recognized by many stakeholders as the most efficient solution on the market.



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