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We offer our customers the best business expertise.

Amelkis is ...

A team of passionate people and an ecosystem of expert partners, with the primary objective of customer satisfaction. We listen and help them to best meet their needs.

A team of passionate people

At Amelkis, the variety and richness of our professions are a strength.


I am one of the founders, partner and director of services. My role is to pilot and supervise the strategy and evolution of Amelkis at all levels. I am also very involved in the internal organization, in the management of complex customer files, and in the launch of new products.


I am co-founder and partner of Amelkis. I am mainly responsible for the design and monitoring of our 2 new tools, Amelkis Filing and Amelkis DM. I am also in relation with the customers, I put myself in their place to see what they need, so that we adapt to their wishes.


Co-founder and partner, my role is to do pre-sales, and also to manage the relationship with partners, and finally supervise the consultants. I have a good knowledge of the customers' files from their initiation to be able to follow them over time. I have the technical and functional knowledge necessary to best meet the expectations of our customers.


Associate of Amelkis, I manage the development of interfaces for all applications. I make the link between the functional and technical. For the development of interfaces, I am constantly in contact with the support team, which allows to keep the proximity with the customers and to constantly improve our tools.

Expert partners

We benefit from a large ecosystem of partners. Partnering with experts allows us to build strong, long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Calisto Consulting

Calisto Consulting is an independent EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) consulting firm specialized in: statutory consolidation, financial reporting, and budgeting.

Sepeo Conseils

Alexandre CATTA, founder of SEPEO CONSEILS and a qualified accountant, has worked for 15 years in international environments, 8 of which as CFO of industrial companies with a strong international focus.

Avenir Conso Expertiz

Avenir Conso Expertiz is a consolidation-oriented firm that offers all its skills to company group managers in order to support them in their development. Focused on consolidation and management of company groups, the firm assists you in particular with consolidation (outsourcing, assistance with actual and forecast reporting, support for reporting projects, software implementation).

SYS Conseil

SYS Conseil is a consulting firm specialized in accounts consolidation & integration.


CAP FAC is an independent accounting firm specialized in consolidation and financial reporting. It intervenes in the accompaniment of the financial directions. It assists you with: the replacement of the consolidation manager, the implementation of a first consolidation, the transition to IFRS, the punctual reinforcement for the monthly/quarterly/annual closings etc...


Kence is an accounting firm specialized in account consolidation in Nantes. The firm provides its clients with highly experienced consultants in consolidation and financial reporting.

Alcyia EPM

Alcyia EPM is a consulting firm specializing in consolidation and reporting, assisting customers in their choice of tools and their implementation. Their areas of expertise enable them to work with virtually all consolidation tools on the market.

Akemi Consulting

Akemi Consulting is a firm specialized in consolidation and reporting. They assist you in the realization of consolidated accounts and reporting under French rules and IFRS, in the realization of delegated management missions and in the definition and implementation of reporting.


Smarthys is a consulting firm specializing in the optimization of financial information systems, and in particular EPM performance management.

LD Reporting

LD Reporting offers managers and financial directors of small and medium-sized companies customized support in building and managing their international financial reporting. The firm helps them in their strategic choices until the establishment of their accounts.

DBA Expertise

DBA Expertise is an accounting, auditing and operational consulting group based in the heart of Paris with nearly 250 employees. They support financial departments in the production of accounting information, compliance with legal obligations and the development of information systems.


AC&S is a consulting company specialized in the consolidation and optimization of financial functions. AC&S enables general and financial management to remain in control of their accounts thanks to local, transversal and collaborative solutions.

Arthaud & Associés

Arthaud & Associés is a firm specializing in auditing, public accounting, management and financial consulting, taxation and consulting in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region and in Paris.


developers: 1 new product each year


internal consultants: and a network of external partners


support consultants: solving more than 10,000 requests per year


new customers: signed each year

Domains of expertise

A development team

Amelkis now has 20 developers in-house, in charge of designing new tools, their regulatory updates or their functional evolution. This team designs since 2016 on average a new tool per year, capitalizing on new technologies, and in full autonomy.

A team of expert consultants

We have a team of 15 experienced and qualified consultants to support our customers at every stage: before the deployment of our solutions, during the implementation and after the deployment. They are in charge of monitoring our customers' consolidation and reporting projects, as well as training customers on our tools.

A migration factory

The Migration Factory department is responsible for migrating customer files to our Amelkis solutions. A reliable and complete file recovery process, a reduced migration time and a support by our best experts. We have 20 years of experience in tool replacement !

A quality and support team

A team whose mission is to answer customer calls. Our support team helps them to solve the various problems encountered on our tools. They also have to report technical issues so that they are resolved. At Amelkis, the average processing time of a request is only 15 minutes. In 2022, the support team has resolved more than 10 000 customer requests.

A sales team

The sales team is responsible for prospecting, qualifying leads, and managing customer contracts. And above all, it is responsible for ensuring the satisfaction of their customers. Very satisfied customers, since Amelkis has an attrition rate of less than 2%.

Our solutions

The most complete software sphere dedicated to finance departments on the market.

The web platform dedicated to intra-group reconciliations.

The solution to convert your XBRL data with total serenity.

The software that facilitates the preparation of annual reports by securing the Word / Excel links.

The simple and intuitive rental and leasing management application.

The financial statement consolidation solution.

Service and assistance

Customer satisfaction is one of our priorities. We respond to the needs and problems of our customers with our team of consultants to best meet their expectations.


We offer training that are exclusively for customers Amelkis: Heads of consolidation departments, consolidators, accounting and financial managers of consolidated companies who have already acquired a good experience of consolidation, accountants, auditors and their employees. Our training courses are certified Qualiopi.

Consulting and assistance

Customer satisfaction is one of our priorities, we respond to the needs and problems of our customers with our team of consultants, responsible for monitoring customer projects or training them on our tools.

Satisfied clients

At Amelkis, we bring a great listening to our customers from the first exchanges.

Our relationship is based on the knowledge of their business and their problems, and a proximity that is part of the duration. A recipe that works since many of our first customers are still users of our solutions even after 15 years !


Our teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions, discuss your issues or study your needs !

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