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Every year over 2,000 groups are consolidated on Amelkis Opera.

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Leasing & IFRS16

Amelkis Lease allows you to reprocess all lease and leasing reprocessing according to IFRS 16. Amelkis Lease is a 100% web and 100% SaaS solution.

Amelkis XBRL

Amelkis XBRL allows you to import your PDF registration document, convert it to HTML without losing graphic quality and perform tagging in a few minutes. Amelkis XBRL is the most innovative and efficient solution on the market.


Amelkis InterCompany is a Web platform of reconciliation of the intercos accounts. It contributes to improve the quality of the accounting information at the level of the entities and reduces the time of closure.


To save time in the implementation of your CSR reporting, Amelkis offers a standard CSR setting including 28 environmental indicators, 5 societal indicators and 97 social indicators.

Business Plan

Take control of your development by building your financial forecast with a flexible and fully customizable solution.

Reporting & Budget

Quickly realize a budget, monthly reporting and as much forecast as you want during the year thanks to Opera.


Every year over 2,000 groups are consolidated on Opera. Whether you are a consolidator or an accountant, discover its innovative interface and its many features

Why choose Amelkis ?

Standards for all your reporting needs

Whatever your needs (reporting, budget, CSR, business plan, consolidation), we have a standard setting that will meet 80% of your requests. We can start a project very quickly to suit your needs.

The only truly complete solution

When you choose Opera, you have all the features to carry out your reporting: importing your data, entering your budgets, data consolidation and analysis.


Yes, Amelkis has consolidation experts who regularly support many groups in the development of their consolidations. You can find our experts on the YouTube channel Amelkis Solutions.

Yes, Opera enables you very easy to modify your standard account plan, to create new indicators specific to your business, including non-financial data.

Yes, over 90% of Amelkis customers have opted for SaaS mode. Deloitte firm regularly audits the Amelkis Data Center, thus ensuring the confidentiality and security of your data.

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Business Plan Amelkis

Amelkis has chosen to meet the operational needs of companies by making it an essential tool for strategic decision-making. To do this, Opera's business plan focuses on performance measurement and the quasi-automatic adjustment of development assumptions. This is reflected in the 14 key features.

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How does digitalisation enable the DAF to respond to its new challenges?

Alexandre CATTA, Amelkis Senior Consultant specializing in Business Plan, informs you about changes to the DAF function.

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What are the most requested indicators in CSR reporting?

There are at least forty-three. Among the most important we find: social issues, environmental and societal commitments of the company.

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Nawfal Yassir, founding partner Amelkis, on BFM Business in the PME STORIES show

"Opera is a major SaaS player on the French market" On July 18, 2018 at 7:30 pm our Founding Partner, Nawfal Yassir, appeared on BFM Business's PME STORIES show.

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Amelkis sponsoring the AMCF (Moroccan Association of Financial Consolidators)

Amelkis, present during its launch as sponsor, was able to meet the set of the actors of the profession of the consolidation and the reporting.

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