Management reporting : the keystone of financial performance

Finance departments often encounter real difficulties in establishing their management control reporting. The difficulty often lies in producing quality analyses, based on a huge volume of data and under time constraints.

I am overwhelmed by an exponential volume of data

Management reporting requires the collection, processing and analysis of a large volume of accounting and financial data. This volume of information increases as the group grows (new entities to be consolidated, etc.). With deadlines often tight, the reporting period can be a source of stress for finance departments.

I am dealing with more and more complex treatments

When the volume of data is significant, processing it can seem exhausting for finance teams. Especially since the nature of the information also adds complexity, for example when the company uses several charts of accounts, numerous grouping criteria, or when it multiplies the consolidation versions...

I struggle to analyze the data efficiently

Producing accurate analysis and reporting statements is a rigorous exercise. This requires efficient analysis of financial data (comparisons, integration of balance sheet data, etc.), which is far from easy for finance teams who do not have the appropriate tools to automate certain operations.


of accounting and finance indicate that verifying data in the reporting process is their biggest challenge


of them use more than five different financial reporting systems


estimate that they are writing more financial reports each year

When we import the accounting data into Opera, the solution automatically integrates the bundles in the right place. The integration of the consolidation data takes two days, compared to two weeks before !

Luc Nivinou, Head of management control and financing at LE SAINT group

Streamline and structure the reporting process

Amelkis develops for over 15 years of efficient solutions to streamline and structure the consolidation, reporting and budgeting.

Our tools take into account the specificities of your environment to make financial reporting easier, more collaborative and more productive.

Adaptable reporting formats

Professional charts of accounts and aggregates

Unified analytical axes

Structured data collection process

Simplified updating of charts of accounts

Use of Word and Excel in output

Easy configuration

We have a single solution to manage a large part of our financial activity. We have access, via the same interface, to the group's consolidated accounts, to the management of inter-company customer/supplier flows, as well as to the monitoring of the restatement of leasing. All the data is easily exploitable in the tool.

Anthony Jean, Associate Accounting Manager at SEAFRIGO Group

Simplify financial data processing

Amelkis EPM offers all the features useful for statutory consolidation. The tool helps you to review your processes, streamline financial data and promote the learning of management controllers.

Connectors adapted to the diversity of information systems

Structuring of data by flows, audits and versions

Use of multiple versions of scopes or currency tables

Audit tracks and zooms to trace back to the source

Workflow for monitoring the various processing stages

Automatic data consistency checks

With Amelkis Opera, we follow the consolidation process, things happen according to a very logical scenario.

Laurent Auger, Public accountant, founding partner at the accounting firm FIPAR

Improve the accuracy and relevance of your financial analyses

Amelkis EPM supports the financial departments in the analysis of their consolidated accounts, thanks to advanced technology and features designed by experts in consolidation. Amelkis EPM takes into account your specific needs :

The need to compare the actual with the historical data, the budget and a landing

The need for increasingly accurate analysis and reporting reports

The ease of integrating balance sheet data (cash flow, WCR, Capex, equity, etc.)

The importance of going back to the source of the data collected and justifying them

Our assistance

You can count on Amelkis to accompany you in each of your challenges.


Need to develop your skills or update your knowledge? Discover the training courses led by our expert consultants in financial consolidation.

Consulting and assistance

Our expert consolidation consultants are at your service to help you optimize your financial processes.

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An urgent need to facilitate financial consolidation? Amelkis offers relevant and effective solutions to simplify your daily life.

Why choosing Amelkis?

Since 2004, Amelkis has accumulated a unique experience and expertise in the world of public accounting, auditing and software publishing.

A accumulated experience since 2004

Thanks to our 15 years of experience and the continuous enhancement of our solutions, we guarantee our customers the most innovative functionalities and the best practices in terms of performance management.

A recognized expertise in the sector

A RECOGNIZED EXPERTISE IN THE SECTOR Since the creation of Amelkis, we have accompanied several hundred groups and firms of all sizes and all sectors of activity. The result is a unique expertise in France, recognized by specialists in the sector. Our many references are proof of this know-how.

A “client centric” approach

We rely on the biggest names in the world of finance and software publishing to develop high-performance solutions with innovative features that are always based on our clients' needs.

An exceptional proximity

Since the beginning, we have been driven by one ambition: to make performance management more accessible. We create a real proximity with our customers to provide them with support that meets their expectations and thus pursue our desire to facilitate enterprise performance management (EPM).

They trust us

They say it better than we do

Discover why our customers appreciate Amelkis EPM to achieve their financial reporting.

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Client feedback : Groupe La Fidu

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