Monitoring financial forecasts : anticipation as a key to performance

Many groups are still looking for the ideal tool to produce their consolidated financial forecasts quickly and securely. The reason for this is that their environment is complex: subsidiaries spread across the world, currency issues, intra-group operations, volatile business sectors requiring significant financial resources, etc...

Building forecasts takes too much time

Collecting budgetary data, calculating the landing, balance sheet flows, producing operating accounts, generating analysis statements, eliminating intra-group re-invoicing... Making financial forecasts involves an avalanche of tedious and time-consuming operations that can discourage finance departments (CFOs). And this can take them away from the essential: performance management.

Producing forecasts is a source of complexity

With all the elements to be taken into account to obtain consolidated financial forecasts, it is not uncommon for finance departments to feel overwhelmed. Especially when the data is spread across different organizations and countries. The number of stakeholders is increasing, as are the sources of error. Forecasting becomes a real waste of time

My financial forecasts are not precise enough

The forecast must be built as realistically as possible, taking into account the realities and metrics of the sector. With a simple spreadsheet, it is difficult to build balance sheet evolutions containing cash flow variables, such as the time to collect receivables or the time to pay debts. The forecast is then approximate...

Users have quickly adopted Amelkis Opera*, they saw a real interest, they were previously reporting on Excel. The data entry is secure, the operations are better managed, therefore more reliable. (* Opera is the previous version of Amelkis EPM)

Béatrice de Foucauld, Administrative and Financial Director at SAFO Group

Save time by automating your financial forecasts

The Amelkis EPM solution has been designed for groups wishing to produce secure and fast their consolidated financial forecasts.

By saving time collection and processing, groups are more dedicated to the analysis that feeds the strategic decision-making.

Amelkis Opera* allows us to make reports and forecasts more fluid and efficient. The tool has been configured according to our needs to generate consolidated plates easily usable. (* Opera is the previous version of Amelkis EPM)

Béatrice de Foucauld, Administrative and Financial Director at SAFO Group

Simplify your forecasting process

The simplicity of the Business Plan module of Amelkis EPM offers financial departments a capacity for analysis and control unmatched. Business Plan combines ergonomics and performance to facilitate the process of developing forecasts.

Amelkis Opera* is a very successful tool in terms of functionality that can integrate the reporting and forecasting. Amelkis Opera is also a very proven tool with many customer references in France. (* Opera is the previous version of Amelkis EPM)

Smarthys, Specialized consulting firm

Professionalize the management of your financial forecasts

With its Business Plan module, Amelkis EPM can free itself from Excel to evolve in a much richer and professional environment.

Indeed, Business Plan embeds a dozen features focused on performance measurement and quasi-automatic adjustment of development assumptions. For a much more precise analysis of cash flow and a better anticipation of short-term financial needs.

Your business

Consolidation is an extremely specialized job that requires different profiles depending on the type and size of the company or accounting firm.

In a company

Becoming a consolidator is sometimes a coincidence, sometimes a vocation: departure of a colleague, promotion, ambition...

As a management controller, you may have been confronted with this new challenge without being specifically trained for it.

To get started in consolidation, you need solid support, which you can find in particular with an experienced software publisher through its structuring software offers and its consulting capacity.

In an accounting firm

Consolidation is seasonal. In accounting firms, the beginning of the year is often very busy when it is necessary to produce the corporate and consolidated accounts of many clients in a short period of time.

To speed up consolidation and guarantee your clients a professional rendering of their financial statements, it is essential to rely on a powerful, complete and intuitive software.

Our assistance

You can count on Amelkis to accompany you in each of your challenges.


Need to develop your skills or update your knowledge? Discover the training courses led by our expert consultants in financial consolidation.

Consulting and assistance

Our expert consolidation consultants are at your service to help you optimize your financial processes.

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Want to improve the management of your financial forecasts? Amelkis offers relevant and effective solutions to control your consolidated forecasts.

Why choosing Amelkis?

Since 2004, Amelkis has accumulated a unique experience and expertise in the world of public accounting, auditing and software publishing.

A accumulated experience since 2004

Thanks to our 15 years of experience and the continuous enhancement of our solutions, we guarantee our customers the most innovative functionalities and the best practices in terms of performance management.

A recognized expertise in the sector

Since the creation of Amelkis, we have accompanied several hundred groups and firms of all sizes and all sectors of activity. The result is a unique expertise in France, recognized by specialists in the sector. Our many references are proof of this know-how.

A “client centric” approach

We rely on the biggest names in the world of finance and software publishing to develop high-performance solutions with innovative features that are always based on our clients' needs.

An exceptional proximity

Since the beginning, we have been driven by one ambition: to make performance management more accessible. We create a real proximity with our customers to provide them with support that meets their expectations and thus pursue our desire to facilitate enterprise performance management (EPM).

They trust us

They say it better than we do

Our customers are our best ambassadors.

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Client feedback : Groupe La Fidu

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