Facing the challenge of a quality financial management

Managing financial performance is as critical as it is difficult to maintain effectively over time. The pain points of finance departments often revolve around the key performance indicators (KPIs) to be monitored.

My KPIs are not relevant

It is not uncommon for companies to limit their performance indicators to financial elements such as revenues, EBITDA or cash flow. These measures, which are crucial for assessing financial health, are not always understood or accepted by employees because they are not sufficiently close to the realities experienced on the ground.

I struggle to collect data

Collecting the accounting and financial data needed to manage a group's performance is sometimes a real chore. Especially when the data is collected by structures based in different countries, with heterogeneous methods and formats - or even, in the worst case, data entry errors...

Information processing is time consuming

Once the laborious data collection stage is over, the phase - sometimes dreaded - of information processing begins. The data structuring requirements are such that management controllers sometimes spend more time on this than on financial performance analysis... which remains one of their most strategic missions.

The presentation of my reports is poor

In financial communication, the presentation of data is a key point. It facilitates the reading of reports, partly conditions their comprehension and contributes to the company's brand image. Groups with a certain reputation cannot be satisfied with a sloppy financial presentation.

I have difficulties to make my indicators evolve

Due to a lack of agility, groups of a certain size sometimes find themselves slowed down in their decision making, faced with a real inability to adapt quickly to the market or to seize emerging opportunities.


of financial departments say that the figures presented are not sufficiently related to the business


consider the production time of the indicators too high


fail to link performance measurement to strategy


feel that the display or presentation of indicators is not optimal

Amelkis is a powerful, flexible and intuitive software. It makes consolidation accessible to all finance professionals.

Yann Volluz, Administrative and Financial Director at Logteam

Choose the right performance indicators

Defining relevant performance indicators and adapted to the activity ensures a really effective performance management. A management tool like Amelkis EPM guides you to integrate business indicators really in line with your needs.

We have made the consolidation process more secure: the tool facilitates the tracing of operations for auditing purposes, and we can generate complex reports - on sub-baskets, for example - which is important for certain groups. The tool also simplifies the export of consolidated budget forecasts.

Laurent Auger, Expert accountant, founding partner of the firm FIPAR

Collect relevant information efficiently

The Amelkis EPM solution includes modern interfacing capabilities to facilitate and harmonize the collection of financial data (full web, workflows, connectors ...).

This wide range of possibilities helps you to flatten the collection process and make local teams autonomous on the return of information to feed the indicators selected by management. All of this is done with ease, without overloading your workload or changing your habits.

We have a single solution to manage a large part of our financial activity. We have access, via the same interface, to the group's consolidated accounts, to the management of inter-company customer/supplier flows, as well as to the monitoring of the restatement of leasing. All the data is easily exploitable in the tool.

Anthony Jean, Associate Accounting Manager at SEAFRIGO Group

Streamline information processing

Amelkis EPM is a robust and secure tool, which offers a real flexibility of configuration. It was designed to streamline the processing of information necessary for the management of performance. The financial departments optimize their tools and their operations.

We have made the consolidation process more secure: the tool facilitates the tracing of operations for auditing purposes, and we can generate complex reports - on sub-baskets, for example - which is important for certain groups. The tool also simplifies the export of consolidated budget forecasts.

Laurent Auger, Expert accountant, founding partner of the firm FIPAR

Modernize your financial communication

In financial communication, form is 80% of the quality of the message.

The latest generation solution Amelkis EPM modernizes the restitution states (graphs and dashboards) by making them visually attractive and especially dynamic. It is thus possible to vary in real time the restitution filters to obtain the most relevant view in a few moments.

Using this tool gives me more comfort about the accuracy of my consolidated statements and allows me to consolidate more quickly.

Xavier Rappaz, Financial Director at TELEVERBIER

Make your indicators evolve easily

Amelkis EPM facilitates the control and regular adjustment of key financial performance indicators.

The solution allows you to review certain choices, very simply, so as not to compromise the quality and dynamics of performance management. The ability to make financial indicators evolve over time is crucial to the company’s agility.

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Why choosing Amelkis?

Since 2004, Amelkis has accumulated a unique experience and expertise in the world of public accounting, auditing and software publishing.

A accumulated experience since 2004

Thanks to our 15 years of experience and the continuous enhancement of our solutions, we guarantee our customers the most innovative functionalities and the best practices in terms of performance management.

A recognized expertise in the sector

Since the creation of Amelkis, we have accompanied several hundred groups and firms of all sizes and all sectors of activity. The result is a unique expertise in France, recognized by specialists in the sector. Our many references are proof of this know-how.

A “client centric” approach

We rely on the biggest names in the world of finance and software publishing to develop high-performance solutions with innovative features that are always based on our clients' needs.

An exceptional proximity

Since the beginning, we have been driven by one ambition: to make performance management more accessible. We create a real proximity with our customers to provide them with support that meets their expectations and thus pursue our desire to facilitate enterprise performance management (EPM).

They trust us

They say it better than we do

Our customers are our best ambassadors.

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