Amelkis Opera becomes Amelkis EPM !

In a few weeks, as a major version change, Amelkis Opera will become Amelkis EPM.

Technologically, Amelkis EPM represents a huge step forward, as 15 years separate these two applications. EPM benefits from the latest technologies in security, performance, interconnection and collaborative management. The result :  huge productivity gains, case of use and a unique user experience.

Amelkis EPM is the application of all superlatives! EPM is the achievement of six years of rechearch and development, with a promise made by the founders of Amelkis: to facilitate the work of financial departments and meet their expectations, which are increasing day after day. 

With this new solution, Amelkis aims to become a universal reference.

Why Amelkis EPM ?

Amelkis EPM draws a future without borders through a total integration of different reports. No separation hinders the development, comparison, analysis and communication of indicators. The consolidation, management reporting, forecasting and extra-financial make sense naturally, without any barrier.

What is changing compared to Opera ?

Amelkis EPM is first of all a full web technology offering a unique performance in terms of fluidity and speed of execution.

It is also an irreproachable graphic quality. A comfort of use that makes this application a simple and very functional tool.

EPM is also integrated with a range of new productivity tools.

Accessible from Office 365 through its X365 and W365 report design modules.

Integrated into PowerBI for ultra fast-data analysis.

Available in the Amelkis Disclosure Management solution, with the dynamic feeding of reports designed in this new HTML platform.

When is the migration planned ?

For Amelkis Opera customers, the transition to Amelkis EPM will begin in october 2022.

The migration has been carefully prepared since the design of the software. Thanks to a perfect knowledge of its customers, Amelkis guarantees to all a no risk migration. Only the best is to come!

To benefit from the prefered launch conditions, contact us now.


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