XBRL Digital Event

Amelkis organized Tuesday, April 28 the XBRL Digital Event. More than 120 financial managers attended this event.

Here are some extracts from the different interventions :

Mathieu Floquet, l’ANC presented the two new ANC recommendations (presentation and XBRL mapping).

Thomas Verdin, BM&A explained the issues of complex mapping. He reminded us that the issue is not only a question of tags, it is also necessary to be comparable to the choice of place.

Nawfal Yassir, Amelkis presented a concrete case of conversion of a PDF reference document into HTML. He insisted on the importance of being able to define criteria in the taxonomy in order to make tagging very fast. He demonstrated that it was possible to generate an Inline XBRL document without any loss of graphic quality. Finally, he presented the “conformance suite” module.

Laurent Rouyres, Labrador presented the impacts of XBRL on financial communication. He reminded us of its great potential in terms of corporate information.

Stéphanie Prangé, SANOFI presented the XBRL project since the launch in March 2017 when the American authorities imposed this format.

Amelkis thanks all participants and speakers.