Automate your CSRD report

Setting up a materiality report is actually much simpler than you might think.

You won't all have the same needs

CSRD is rapidly becoming the norm in companies. Although the aim is the same, implementation will vary according to company size. Here are the 3 main issues that companies will have to deal with: collecting indicators, writing reports and XBRL tagging.

Reporting : Facilitate the collection of ESRS indicators

CSRD reporting includes 2/3 narrative data (policy, action, objectives). Collecting these indicators will be a major challenge for many groups whose consolidation tools do not yet have the functionality to collect this type of indicator. Projects are therefore set to accelerate. The Amelkis EPM solution already offers all these functions natively.

Disclosure Management : Write and tag your report at the same time

Sustainability reporting is a major development for listed companies, and a real novelty for most of them. The implementation of a Disclosure Management solution such as Amelkis W365 will enable organizations to simplify data updating, collaborative writing and XBRL tagging.

XBRL tagging : Outsource or in-house tagging

XBRL tagging is a mandatory step. It consists of tagging the CSRD report, indicating which XBRL concept each element corresponds to. Tagging can be carried out either directly in Word with the Amelkis W365 solution, or on the final document with the Amelkis Filing solution. And for organizations that don't want to do it in-house, Amelkis offers a complete outsourcing service.


Simplify the collection of ESRS indicators with an adapted reporting tool

An appropriate reporting tool can considerably facilitate the collection, analysis and consolidation of your sustainability indicators.

Amelkis EPM is the benchmark application in the world of consolidation, and now incorporates key functionalities for rapid CSRD reporting.

Discover the key features of EPM :

  • Standard pre-configuration integrating all ESRSs
  • Full Web interface for rapid deployment
  • Collection of long texts
  • Activation and deactivation of indicators
  • Control and justification of threshold violations
  • Storage of attachments
  • Enter comments
  • Automation of online questionnaires
  • Etc…

Automate and tag your report at the same time with a Disclosure Management application

If you've never used a Disclosure Management solution before, the aim is to make updating encrypted data and XBRL tagging as easy as possible.

Forget about Excel/Word links, their fragility and complexity, thanks to the Amelkis W365 solution. This solution also lets you perform XBRL tagging directly in Word, while you’re writing your report. Each text, each figure is simply associated with a tag that persists in the document regardless of future updates.

Discover the key features of W365 :

  • Standard Word report
  • Automatic link to Excel
  • Fast updating
  • Secure links
  • Collaborative working
  • Simplified XBRL tagging
  • Etc …

Outsource or internalize your document tagging without changing processes

XBRL tagging is the main technical difficulty in CSRD reporting. Faced with this difficulty, many companies will be tempted to outsource.

XBRL tagging can be carried out once the document has been completed, whatever its format, thanks to the Amelkis Filing solution.

If you decide to outsource, Amelkis guarantees availability, deadlines, quality and compliance. Amelkis teams take charge of your documents and carry out your tagging on demand within short deadlines.

Discover the key features and services of Amelkis Filing :

  • Tagging of any type of document (Word, HTML, PDF)
  • Outsourcing on demand
  • Compliance checks
  • Specialist assistance
  • All-inclusive service
  • Amelkis participation in meetings with statutory auditors
  • Guaranteed availability, deadlines, quality and compliance
  • Etc …

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