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Business Plan

Business Plan

Opera is the only solution to offer you a standard consolidated business plan

Opera calculates all your financial statements according to your needs, simplifies your budget and integrates your operational action plans for optimal management.

Business Plan

Opera is a modern, collaborative and structuring tool for your business plans

Financial reporting and business plan

Opera enables to visualize at any times the financial impacts of a development by taking into account the actual performances of the operational teams and the strategic adjustments.

Consolidation and business plan

Opera's capacity to in-silo operate, per activity or per project, then consolidated, offers decision makers a completely new overview of their activity.

Extra-financial reporting and business plan

Opera's extra-financial reporting features provide the ability to track weak performance signals at any time on key performance elements.

The main principles for the development of estimated financial statements.

Data collection

Collection of preliminary estimated financial information: monthly estimated income statement, changes in equity financing

Cash Variables

Allocation of collection deadlines, VAT rates, seasonality, rules for the clearance of debt financing


Automatic inventory calculation: number of days, margin rate, material consumption rate, rules for anticipating materials purchases

Cash flows

Calculation of estimated cash flows: calculation of collections and future disbursements for the equity financing, calculation of the balance sheet impacts, reversal of cash flows related to the financing debt accounts, preparation of a VAT budget

Rolling forecast

Adjustment based on the last known situation. Isolation of adjustments. Updating the rules for the clearance of balance sheet accounts. Updated seasonality tables. Construction of several versions

Consolidation & Restitution

Elimination of intra-groups, dividends... Management of perimeters. Restitution of the estimates: 5-year balance sheet, 5-year income statement, 5-year cash flow table

The innovative Opera features

Currency and Currency Risk Management

It is common today that some activities are located outside the euro area. For simplicity and accuracy, it is therefore necessary to build a financial forecast in local currency and let Opera manage the conversion. This feature opens up very important possibilities for the management of the forward exchange risk and in particular for calculating the global exposure of the company on a given currency.

Analysis of initial forecast adjustments

With autonomous audit layers, Opera's business plan module allows the user to avoid overwriting the initial business plan by recording any adjustments independently. This makes it possible to accurately measure and monitor their financial impact.

Integration of a budgeting module adapted to the business of the company

Some companies want to go further in the simplification of budgeting by integrating in Opera an automatic calculation of expenses and forecasting products. This is done from parameter tables entered or imported into the tool.

Quick update and automatic adjustment from years 2 to 5

The calculation of the charges and products from the years 2 to 5 is based on the landing of the year 1. This allows an automatic recalculation of these years if the figures of the current year are modified.

Construction of a forecast by project or by activity

It makes it possible to partition the different business models, the different geographical areas or the different branches of the company and then consolidate them in all simplicity and mastery.

And many others ...

The 14 new functionalities offer financial departments an ability to analyze and control unmatched until now by the other forecasting tools of the market. The business plan becomes a decision tool. It allows to control each activity separately then to produce synthesis reports adapted to the specificities of each company.

Business Plan

Digitization of the DAF function

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