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Activity area :

In Extenso is part of the Deloitte network, which has 4,700 employees, and is one of the leading accounting experts in France.
In Extenso
accompanies every year more than 8000 entrepreneurs and more than 100 000 customers trust them.

The concept In Extenso:

Exceed the "traditional" accounting expertise!
We must reposition the firms' offer on
value-added services. Put in place a real approach to support the leaders of VSEs and SMEs in all management decisions. Live a strong complicity and a real proximity between the accountant and his client.

Proximity is the best guarantee of respect and understanding of the economic, human and local specificities of each client, whatever their size.

Given the importance of geographical proximity to serve this clientele, In Extenso opted from the outset for a model based on the combination of existing firms strongly rooted in their territory in order to build a national network of skills.

To concretize this renewed vision of the profession, the founders of In Extenso will enroll it in a business project based on a dual will: "to be there" and "to make clear".

The Opera solution:

In Extenso was looking for a solution to carry out consolidation missions throughout the network. Thanks to its Saas mode, Opera has made the difference, which is why In Extenso chose to opt for our solution.


"Opera is now the reference software for In Extenso network firms wishing to acquire a consolidated financial reporting tool and its use in SaaS offers undeniable advantages."

Miguel Hernandez - Technical Director In Extenso

IN EXTENSO témoigne de son utilisation sur Opera

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