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Reporting & Budget

Opera becomes the reference for reporting and budget software

No software will allow you to do as much as Opera.
Opera will adapt in a few days to all your indicators, your analytical axes, your reporting schedule
You can collect your budgets from all your subsidiaries then compare them monthly with your actual data and establish forecast at the frequency you want

Reporting & Budget

80% of the groups have the same reporting needs.

Why should you spend tens of thousands of dollars to set up software Reporting when you have the same needs as other groups?
Choose one of our standards and we adapt it to all your specificities.
This gives you a reliable, high-performance and fast solution.

Reporting, Budget, Forecast (simple)

Define your account plan. Enter your budgets. Import your balances every month. Compare your data against your budget. Update your budget whenever you want. Consolidate and have automatic budget outcome

Reporting, Budget, Forecast (by purpose)

As increasingly groups, add an analysis by purpose to your budgets and reporting. Import your analytical balances. Consolidate your data and have an income statement for each business unit.

Reporting, Budget, Forecast (multiaxis)

Opera allows you to multiply the axes of analysis: analysis of turnover by products, markets, currencies... Grouping entities by Business Unit.

Here are the main features of Opera for your reporting


Much of your reporting setting is perform by Excel. This allows you to go very fast. Opera is extremely flexible and powerful in these calculations. You can also easily handle it

Financial Intelligence

Opera is able to calculate your cash flows natively. Opera automates all your management rules: elimination, conversion... Opera allows you to quickly audit all your data

Multiphase management

When you create a reporting, a budget, a forecast, you select the package standard of your choice. This allows you to develop your reporting every year. This multiphase management also allows to make many simulations and comparisons.


Reporting are automatically adapted to account plan change, the axes...

Export/Import Excel

Excel available feature in all Opera views

Management rules

Available as standard (conversion, interco, aggregation...)

Discover how Opéra fits all your needs