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Leasing & IFRS16

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Leasing & IFRS16

Amelkis Lease

Whatever your consolidation software, Amelkis Lease is the ideal solution to restate your rental and leasing contracts in accordance with French standards and IFRS 16. Amelkis Lease is available in SaaS mode from 100 Euros/month per user.

In 30 minutes you will understand everything !

Amelkis Lease is a SaaS solution that you can implement in a few clicks. You will be able to create or import your contracts, view the financial impacts graphically, manage your events, generate your entries in the format of your consolidation software...

Withdraw your leasing contracts

Amelkis Lease allows you to manage all your leasing contracts
Create your leasing contract (payment frequency, amortization period,
start date, duration in months, amount of the financed asset, amount of rent, rent plus rent, residual
Visualize all your writings and impacts
Create your accounting statement on the date of your choice
Export your entries to your consolidation software software

Withdraw your IFRS16 leases

Amelkis Lease allows you to manage all your rental contracts.
Create your rental contract (rental payment frequency, start date,
duration, rent amount, discount rate, additional costs)
Visualize all your writings and impacts
Create your accounting statement on the date of your choice
Export your entries to your consolidation software software

Import all your contracts

Amelkis Lease saves you a lot of time
Download the import file template
Fill in your file and import
All our contracts and your new entities will be created automatically
All you have to do is validate the contracts to manage your accounting closing

Presentation of IFRS 16

Objective reasons
The main principles
Rental component
Did you say: discounting?
Implicit rate
Marginal debt ratio
Two calculation methods
Subsequent changes: events

What is IFRS 16?

Manage your transition to IFRS 16

Option 1: Apply IAS 8
IAS 8 requires that financial statements be presented as if the new standard had always been applied. Restate all the exercises presented (2019 and 2018). Restate all contracts from their start date. Difficulty: how to determine'objectively' the marginal debt rate over the past years?

2nd possibility: Transitional measures.
Impact on reserves as at 1 January 2019 and no comparative information presented.
This option applies to all contracts and has several components

Or read the article: HERE

IFRS 16: Manage subsequent amendments

Termination before maturity (residual assets and liabilities recycled to income)
Changing the duration
Change in the probable exercise of the call option (revised discount rate)
Change in future rents (index-linked variable rents)
Decrease in user fees and related rents (initial discount rate)
Addition of new user rights and related rents (new contracts)

Read the article : HERE

Leasing & IFRS16

Create your new contracts in draft form

Leasing & IFRS16

Leasing & IFRS16

Calculate your rate

Leasing & IFRS16

Leasing & IFRS16

Your impacts

Leasing & IFRS16

Leasing & IFRS16

Your result

Leasing & IFRS16

Leasing & IFRS16

Your analysis of contracts by entity and type of property

Leasing & IFRS16

Main features

Full Web

Compatible with all types of browsers


Multi-user, team building

Pilotage anticipé des impacts par simulation

Contracts in "drafts" independent of the contracts "signed


Type of property, type of contract, group of entities, etc.

Visualisation des impacts comptables

Ebitda, cash flows, debt. Tables + graphs

Generation of accounting entries

Choice of accounting periods (choice of period, entities, contracts)

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