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Consolidation, Reporting, Business Plan & CSR

Amelkis is the publisher of the Opera software used by more than 450 customers. Every year over 1,300 groups are consolidated on Opera.

Our service

Leasing & IFRS16

The best solution for the reprocessing and piloting of lease agreements and leases in FR and IFRS standards. Opera Lease is a software solution that meets the reprocessing requirements of all leases.


Amelkis InterCompany is a Web platform of reconciliation of the intercos accounts. It contributes to improve the quality of the accounting information at the level of the entities and reduces the time of closure.


To save time in the implementation of your CSR reporting, Amelkis offers a standard CSR setting including 28 environmental indicators, 5 societal indicators and 97 social indicators.

Business Plan

Take control of your development by building your financial forecast with a flexible and fully customizable solution.

Reporting & Budget

Quickly realize a budget, monthly reporting and as much forecast as you want during the year thanks to Opera.

Why choose Amelkis ?

Standards for all your reporting needs

Whatever your needs (reporting, budget, CSR, business plan, consolidation), we have a standard setting that will meet 80% of your requests. We can start a project very quickly to suit your needs.

The only truly complete solution

When you choose Opera, you have all the features to carry out your reporting: importing your data, entering your budgets, data consolidation and analysis.


Yes, Amelkis has consolidation experts who regularly support many groups in the development of their consolidations. You can find our experts on the YouTube channel Amelkis Solutions.

Yes, Opera enables you very easy to modify your standard account plan, to create new indicators specific to your business, including non-financial data.

Yes, over 90% of Amelkis customers have opted for SaaS mode. Deloitte firm regularly audits the Amelkis Data Center, thus ensuring the confidentiality and security of your data.

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Philippe Man

Philippe Man / Financial Director

We have been using Opera software for several years. Due to our busy schedule, we asked Amelkis to complete our consolidation and we are perfectly satisfied.


Karine CLAUDEL / Group Financial Control Manager

The retrieve is a powerful tool to allow the fast extraction of data in Excel and a formatting adapted to the request of each one.

It is possible to add to all our internal reports data stored in Amelkis while maintaining the initial structure of our reporting. The information is updated with a single click, for greater efficiency in data extraction

Xavier Rappaz

Xavier Rappaz / Chief Financial Officer

The use of this tool gives me more comfort onto the accuracy of my strengthened States and allows me to strengthen more quickly. The establishment of the appendix IFRS via Opera allowed us to gain approximately 2 workweeks. Amelkis is early on his competitors in a very competitive price.

Charles Yamini

Charles Yamini / Director General

After several tries with diverse participants, we turned to Amelkis for operations of consolidation and passage in the standards IFRS. These operations extremely well passed and we remain faithful to Amelkis for several years.

Charles Yamini

Charles Yamini / Director General

After several essays with diverse participants, we turned to Amelkis for operations of consolidation and passage in the standards IFRS. These operations extremely well passed and we remain faithful to Amelkis for several years.


Nawfal Yassir, founding partner Amelkis, on BFM Business in the PME STORIES show

"Opera is a major SaaS player on the French market" On July 18, 2018 at 7:30 pm our Founding Partner, Nawfal Yassir, appeared on BFM Business's PME STORIES show.

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Amelkis sponsoring the AMCF (Moroccan Association of Financial Consolidators)

Amelkis, present during its launch as sponsor, was able to meet the set of the actors of the profession of the consolidation and the reporting.

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Our Soccer Spring Road 2018 is a real success !

Thank you to our customers for their participation in our tour of the soccer stadiums of League 1.

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Football Spring Road 2018

This year, Amelkis organizes its Soccer Spring Road! On this occasion, our team finds his(her) customers during soccer matches in various regions of France : Paris, Lille, Nantes, Rennes, Bordeaux.

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In Extenso, one of the leaders of the chartered accountancy in France, chooses Opera as its missions of consolidation

"Opera becomes the reference software for the toilets of the network In Extenso today which wish to be equipped with a tool of establishment of consolidated financial statements. His use in mode SaaS offers undeniable assets."

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